The Accredited Certifiers Association (ACA) strives to ensure consistent implementation of USDA Organic Regulations through collaboration and education of accredited certification agencies.

We do this in various ways:

  • We provide a mechanism for discussion and sharing of information among certification agency staff members through our ACA on-line Discussion Group;
  • We provide information and feedback to the National Organic Program;
  • We provide detailed information regarding the certification process to the National Organic Standards Board in the way of comments on their Discussion Documents and official Board Recommendations;
  • We provide in-depth professional development training programs for member certification agency staff.

The ACA uses Working Groups comprised of those interested in specific topics to develop our comments and information for the National Organic Program and the National Organic Standards Board. Certification agency staff, as well as approved supporting members, may participate in our Working Groups.


We envision a world in which the USDA Organic label is always trusted and valued.

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ACA Administration

A volunteer Board of Directors is responsible for the overall management of the Accredited Certifiers Association.

The ACA Executive Committee is responsible for managing the affairs of the Association between the Board of Directors meetings, including acting as liaison with the ACA Executive Director, Ellie Hudson.

The Coordinator manages the daily activities of the ACA. The ACA Coordinator is Gayle Mitchell.

Current Board of Directors members are:

Follow this link to review the ACA Bylaws. Follow this link to review the Code Of Conduct.