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Join Organic Farmers Association (@OrganicFarmersA), International Organic Inspectors Association (@margaret.scoles.3), and the Accredited Certifiers Association for conversations about urgent and challenging issues impacting the organic community. #Organic #NOSB

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The Pre-NOSB meeting serves as a public forum for diverse stakeholders to discuss some of the most urgent and challenging issues impacting the organic community. 

The virtual meeting will include updates from organic farmers, a DC organic policy update, information about petitions and materials that are under review by the NOSB, and breakout rooms to discuss specific topics in depth. Breakout room topics include: organic policy, ammonia extract, biodegradable biobased mulch, state of USDA National Organic Program, barriers to participation in organic for BIPOC farmers, certifier consistency, and recruiting & retaining qualified organic inspectors. The full agenda is available here

Register today for NOC’s Pre-NOSB Meeting!