California Wildfires

The ACA would like to voice our overall support for all of our members who may be impacted by the wildfires in California.

We know that CCOF and many certified operations in California have been directly impacted by the wildfires and the ACA would like to share ways you can help.

CCOF is accepting donations to their Bricmont Hardship Assistance funds.

100% of these funds go directly to organic producers. CCOF does not take any admin fee, and any organic producer (not just CCOF-certified) is eligible for the fund.

Donating to the Bricmont Fund is easy! Donors can give in multiple ways:

  1. They can write a check to the CCOF Foundation and specify that they would like Funds to go towards Bricmont
  2. They can click on this link to use our online donating processor:
  3. In some cases we can accept electronic transfer of funds from a business
  4. For those that need an invoice to contribute, we can get one issued

Well wishes to all of our colleagues, the certified operations, and everyone else in California affected by the fires. You are in our thoughts and we hope for the best. 

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