Sound & Sensible Initiative

The Sound & Sensible Initiative is an on-going process to identify and reduce barriers to the expansion of the organic production, certification and accreditation process. The discussion began in November, 2012; and has continued to date. Several documents have been drafted during this process and the links to these are below.

The Accredited Certifiers Association initiated discussions with its members at the ACA Annual Professional Development Training in January, 2013. Following the Training, a Working Group was formed and the Road Map to Sound & Sensible document was created and forwarded to the National Organic Program for consideration.

Many other groups were also discussing Sound & Sensible during this time. Prior to the April, 2013, National Organic Standards Board Meeting in Portland, OR, the ACA convened a meeting of interested participants. In attendance was the ACA Board of Directors, members of the International Organic Inspectors Association, National Organic Coalition, National Organic Program, National Organic Standards Board and the Organic Trade Association.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the

Road Map To Sound And Sensible 3.2013 Final
IOIA White Paper: Solving the Organic Certification Paperwork and Process Logjam
National Organic Coalition Comments

Our outcomes included continuation of our Working Group to address specific tasks and to continue the discussion.

The Working Group provided additional information to the National Organic Standards Board in August, 2013.

National Organic Standards Board Sound & Sensible Information

In addition, ACA provided comments to the National Organic Standards Board regarding their Sound Sensible Initiative Discussion Document 9.2013.