ACA Comments to the National Organic Standards Board

NOSB Comments on Inspector Field Evaluations 4.2017
NOSB Comments on Organic Seed Proposal 4.2017
Comments on Inspector Field Evaluation Discussion Document_10.2016
ACA Request to the NOSB re NOP 2027_4.2016

Prevention Strategy Guidance for Excluded Methods_10.2015

Assessing Soil Conservation Practices Discussion Document_10.2014

Retail Compliance and Certification Proposal_04.2014

Voluntary Retail Certification_10.2013
Sound & Sensible Initiative Discussion Document_09.2013
Toward Clarifying Application of §205.206(e)_09.2013
NOSB Sound & Sensible Information_08.2013
Auxiliary _ Other Ingredients Proposal_04.2013
Calculating Percentage Organic Ingredients in Multi-ingredient Products Proposal_04.2013
Tetracycline Petitioned Material Proposal_04.2013
Calculating Percentage Organic in Multi-ingredient Products_09.2012
GMO and Seed Purity Discussion Document_09.2012
Implementation of Biodiversity Update_09.2012
Other Ingredients Discussion Document_09.2012
Criteria for Material Review by MROs_05.2012
NOSB Ad-hoc GMO Committee Letter_05.2012
Use of Sanitizers on Eligibility for 100 Percent Organic Claim_05.2012
Vaccines from Excluded Methods_05.2012
Evaluation of Materials Review Organizations_11.2011
Inspector Qualifications_11.2011
Multiple Livestock Committee Recommendations_11.2011
Unannounced Inspections_11.2011
Animal Handling, Transport, Slaughter Recommendation_04.2011
Animal Welfare Recommendation_04.2011
Oversight of Materials Review Organizations Discussion Document_04.2011
Apiculture Recommendation & Clarifying the Limits of § 205.101(b)_10.2010
Animal Welfare Recommendation_10.2009
Implementation of Biodiversity_04.2009
Further Guidance on Commercial Availability of Seed_11.2008
Certification of Multi-Site Operations_05.2008
Commercial Availabity of Seed_05.2008
Certification of Multi-site Operations_10.2007