ACA Comments to the National Organic Program

ACA Comments on NOP Material Review Interim Instruction 10.2016
ACA Comments on NOP Treated Lumber Draft Guidance_10.2016
ACA Comments On Ensuring Integrity of Products Handled by Uncertified Wholesalers_08.2016
ACA Livestock_Poultry Proposed Rule Comments_7.2016

Comments_Requests re_NOP 2027 Personnel Performance Evaluations_9.2015
Origin of Livestock Proposed Rule_7.2015
Natural Resources & Biodiversity Conservation Draft Guidance_02.2015
Comments on NOP Instruction 2605_10.2014
Comments on Substances Used in Post-Harvest Handling Draft Guidance_06.2014
Letter to Secretary Vilsack_5.2014
GMO Testing Guidance_04.2014
Clarifications Requested on NOP 2603 Organic Certificates_04.2014
Comments on NOP 2027 Personnel Performance Evaluations_02.2014
Comments regarding NOP 2603 Organic Certificates_12.2013
Draft Guidance_Classification of Materials_6.2013
Road Map to Sound and Sensible 03.2013
Parallel Production Information_11.2012
Request for Modification of NOP Policy Memo 12-2_10.2012
Comments re_Insp Qualifications_Unannounced Insp_Templates_09.2012
Draft Guidance_Handling Bulk Organic Products_04.2012
Periodic Pesticide Residue Proposed Rule_06.2011
NOP 2604 Instruction Document_Label Use Up_06.2011
Draft Guidance_Made with Organic Ingredients_03.2011
Draft Guidance_Commingling & Contamination_12.2010
Draft Guidance_Compost & Vermicompost_12.2010
Draft Guidance_Poultry Outdoor Access_12.2010
Draft Guidance_Use of Chlorine_12.2010
Draft Guidance_Wild Crop Harvesting_12.2010
Letter to NOP Re_Noncompliances_04.2010
Input Approval under NOP Regulations_04.2009
Access to Pasture Proposed Rule_12.2008