ACA Comments to the National Organic Program

 ACA Comments on NOP Calculating Organic Percentage Draft Guidance 5037
ACA Comments on NOP Material Review Interim Instruction 10.2016
ACA Comments on NOP Treated Lumber Draft Guidance_10.2016
ACA Comments On Ensuring Integrity of Products Handled by Uncertified Wholesalers_08.2016
ACA Livestock_Poultry Proposed Rule Comments_7.2016

Comments_Requests re_NOP 2027 Personnel Performance Evaluations_9.2015
Origin of Livestock Proposed Rule_7.2015
Natural Resources & Biodiversity Conservation Draft Guidance_02.2015
Comments on NOP Instruction 2605_10.2014
Comments on Substances Used in Post-Harvest Handling Draft Guidance_06.2014
Letter to Secretary Vilsack_5.2014
GMO Testing Guidance_04.2014
Clarifications Requested on NOP 2603 Organic Certificates_04.2014
Comments on NOP 2027 Personnel Performance Evaluations_02.2014
Comments regarding NOP 2603 Organic Certificates_12.2013
Draft Guidance_Classification of Materials_6.2013
Road Map to Sound and Sensible 03.2013
Parallel Production Information_11.2012
Request for Modification of NOP Policy Memo 12-2_10.2012
Comments re_Insp Qualifications_Unannounced Insp_Templates_09.2012
Draft Guidance_Handling Bulk Organic Products_04.2012
Periodic Pesticide Residue Proposed Rule_06.2011
NOP 2604 Instruction Document_Label Use Up_06.2011
Draft Guidance_Made with Organic Ingredients_03.2011
Draft Guidance_Commingling & Contamination_12.2010
Draft Guidance_Compost & Vermicompost_12.2010
Draft Guidance_Poultry Outdoor Access_12.2010
Draft Guidance_Use of Chlorine_12.2010
Draft Guidance_Wild Crop Harvesting_12.2010
Letter to NOP Re_Noncompliances_04.2010
Input Approval under NOP Regulations_04.2009
Access to Pasture Proposed Rule_12.2008